SEMA Data Excellence in 3 Steps

Digital Commerce 360 reported eCommerce sales level in 2020 would not have been reached until 2022, if it weren't for the pandemic. 

The buying habits of consumers have been radically and forever changed. If they weren't buying online before, you can guarantee they...

SEMA Data Users Group Virtual Meetup

Our first User Group Virtual Meetup on April 21 is in the books and it was a tremendous success! 

Many of our members were on hand to hear about our PartsHub platform, new Reseller Dashboard, and other new features and functionality we've added, including our...

Joe Sepeda - SDC Product Catalog Manager

View from the Driver’s Seat - a perspective from Joe Sepeda, SEMA Data Product Catalog Manager 

I am honored to work with each of you as we care for your data and its capability to power your business. I'm not sure how I got so lucky, but I work with a passio...


Manufacturer Information


Complete, affordable product data management for any business, large or small

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Reseller Information


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FTP Settings in SEMA Data PIMS

Setting up or verifying your FTP settings is simple and can automate getting the product data you want. 

There is a lot of convenience in setting your SEMA Data exports to transfer manufacturer data to your system through FTP...


Data Best Practices - Guide a consumer's journey to the shopping cart with product attributes. 

Attributes, the distinct characteristics of a product, guide shoppers through a online store to the selection of the product that meets his/her wants and... READ MORE

SDC Data Scorecard Updated

Use of data evolves. Data standards evolve. SDC is helping you keep up with the evolution.

As the business landscape shifts to online, the needs and use of data has changed. The Auto Care Association has released their updates to the PIES and ACES.

SDC at PRI 2019

It was a great week at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show. 

The PRI Show happens every year in December in Indianapolis. Manufacturers and resellers focused on performance and racing gathered there are often new to the topic of product data. This allowed... READ MORE

We address a few of the most commonly asked questions in an attempt to clear away some of the fog surrounding product data. As always, we are happy to talk one-on-one with anyone interested in learning more about SEMA Data.


Want a little extra help building or updating your product data?

SEMA Data is here to help! With our Do-It-With-Me Data Service, we can assist with any step in the data management process, whether it be starting from scratch or refining existing content to improve data quality......


The term ‘keyword’ is broad and perplexing, there may still be misconceptions in the Aftermarket as to why they are, in fact, relevant in promoting and selling products. Let’s debunk the myth.


SEMA understands what a challenge it can be to manage product data, whether it is weights and measures, accurate descriptions, current pricing, UPC codes or application data to power vehicle specific parts look-ups. That’s why we have undertaken this challenging project to create the defini...



Faces of SDC Data Excellence

Congratulations to all our Data Excellence Award recipients!

Last year, SEMA Data released a new data scorecard for our manufacturer members that was more closely aligned with the needs of the reseller community -- buyers and sellers of specialty products. At SEMA360, we recognized those members...

Amplify Your Brand with SEMA Data

It's tempting to silo the product data you have in SEMA Data as separate from your marketing and sales efforts, but don't do it.

Use SEMA Data's reseller reach to amplify your brand. We have the largest and most active network of resellers, all eager to feature the latest products in...

SEMA Data Refresher for Great Data

While the SEMA Data Offices are mostly closed this holiday season, here are a few backlinks to help you refresh your memory — and your data.

For manufacturers and resellers alike, this is a good opportunity to take a look through the list of tips below, some with links to past articles we've wri...

Virtual shows can outperform in-person ones

We do want to shake your hand and see in person what cool new products you're releasing this year!  

Surprisingly, though, what we found out from a recent virtual event we participated in was that it proved to be a better format for several reasons...



SEMA Data New Reseller and Exports Interface

It's here! The New SEMA Data Reseller Portal and Exports Interface is LIVE! 

You wanted a simpler and faster way to track your data requests, manage your exports -- and even build custom export templates to suit your business needs. We listened and have simplified...


Simpler, Faster and Automated Data Exports

Time is money for data users and producers, so you requested a simpler and faster data export interface. At the same time, you wanted to dig into data by creating custom reports. Following these directives, we went to work...

SDC Reseller Portal Data at Your Fingertips

Coming to you next month is the new reseller portal that we previewed during SEMA360. So what's in store? 

The original intent was to release the new reseller portal shortly after SEMA360, but realizing that it may disrupt your processes during the holiday buying.....

SDC eCom plugins new features

You asked for it and we're giving it to you! 

The SDC eCommerce plugins for the WooCommerce and Shopify platforms have added a few NEW FEATURES you have been asking for...


SEMA Data Co-op has been a constant positive force for growing the Melling High Performance line. We provide the data each month and SDC takes it from there. There cannot be an easier and cost effective way to gain exposure in the market and generate sales. The SDC teams continues to impress us with their attention to our product data quality and assistance with any issues.  We have had consistent sales gains every year since joining the SDC family and look forward to many more years to come.

Melling Performance