If you were to search through the many articles on the semadata.org website, you'll find no less than a dozen that mentions the importance of product images for selling your products, online and in point-of-sale systems. 

We still see many of your datasets with only one image per part number, and many of those at the wrong size, wrong compositions, or wrong backgrounds. So with the release of the new SEMA Data Scorecard v3 which will look at image quantity and quality as part of the scoring, we're going to add one more article!

Shoppers want as much information as they can get about your products -- especially when they can't physically examine your products. Being able to view through images all the aspects and details of your products is the easiest alternative way for them to gather the information they need.

Additionally, great product images has ancilliary benefits to you that you might have not considered. These can be:

  • Supporting social media and social-commerce on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc. Here's a Shopify post on the topic.
  • On that, it increases the shareability of your products by others on social, blog and forum sites
  • Strengthens SEO
  • Helps shopping feeds

Those who settle for simple snapshots will not experience the best conversion rates. For that reason, it is important for you to invest in product photos to ensure that your brand is putting its best foot forward.

You might say, I got pics for my products! Do you have the right types? Here is a progression of pics as you step up your image investment:

  1. The single product shot 
    It's the obligatory single "hero" product pic. You should have at least one for all products.
  2. The group shot
    If your product has a range, like color options or sizing, this may will let the shopper know there are options. 
  3. The detail or spec shot
    This pic communicates the details your shoppers need, like sizing dimensions, connection points, etc.
  4. The component shot
    Important for kits or products with interchangeable parts, this pic gives shoppers full view of what they can expect to receive in the box.
  5. The lifestyle or teaser shot
    Your products on the vehicle, in hand or in use, these pics may not work for all products but can inspire your shopper to imagine them owning, using your products.


How SEMA Data can help you!

We can systematically assess and enhance product images in your dataset. Starting at only $0.55/image, we can check your images for market-readiness against image best practices, then correct them to industry best practices' specs. Contact us to schedule your image enhancement project today.

Alternatively, if you have don't have the "hero" or more of the types of pics suggested above, we have partnered with AutoNetTV to help you get those important shots. We have negotiated SEMA member rates that offers a significant discount for their services, which extend beyond just the product pics, like introduction and installation videos. Contact AutoNetTV directly to set up your product image project. They can consult you through what you need whether done at your location or theirs.


As always, we're here to help if you have questions. Contact us at info@semadata.org.

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