Why Join SEMA Data

We understand the challenges of managing product data to the exacting standards of PIES and ACES. SEMA Data has a Data Team staffed by product specialists with years of experience who can guide you through, whether you want to manage your information on your own (DIY) with our user-friendly data platform, PartsHub, or have the team help with your regular data updates (DIWM). With either solution, your standardized datasets are for you to control and approve to distribute out to the thousands of resellers in our network. With the industry relying on product data to conduct business, expertise at your fingertips, and thousands of potential buyers within reach...why join SEMA Data? Because it's the smart thing to do.



Meet SEMA Data at SEMA Show Booth 20678

Set aside time for a little 1-on-1 with us!

No, we don't mean basketball.

Your data is your best ambassador. Want to learn what you didn't know you didn't know about your data, and the tools and services we have available to you? Then book your one-... READ MORE

ACES bed type update VCdb removes Styleside Stepside

Auto Care updated the VCdb for bed type configuration table. 

As you may know, SEMA Data subscribes to Auto Care's Vehicle Configuration Database (VCdb) to help you create ACES records (i.e., vehicle fitment data for your parts). The database is updated... READ MORE

Reseller Scorecards in SEMA Data PartsHub

With PartsHub's Reseller Scorecards, you can find out what data your customers need before you send. 

Know that your content is complete and ready to be sent, before you send it. Toggle between different reseller specific scorecards to review the data fields... READ MORE

Watch SEMA Launch Pad Episodes on YouTube

The SEMA Launch Pad has been developed as a five-part series with a Live Finale on stage at the SEMA Banquet! 

For the next five weeks, a new SEMA Launch Pad episode will be aired each Tuesday on YouTube. You’ll get to watch the excitement... READ MORE

Your Data ScoreCard…

Provided as a standard part of SEMA DATA services, our Data Analysts will work with you to bring your data quality up to premier levels, and provide you a scorecard grade and notification of any change in status.

Using the familiar Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum scale, we will show you exactly what data fields are most important to your customers, based on actual feedback from them.

Achieving and maintaining high data quality is a critical element of effective data management, and a real game changer when it comes to generating sales. Incomplete or inaccurate data, on the other hand, will only serve to poorly represent your products and often make them difficult to find via search, as well as creating expensive and unnecessary returns.

Supplying our partners with accurate and complete data is an integral part of a successful relationship with our distribution partners and, ultimately, selling more parts to the customer. Prior to joining the SDC it was always a cumbersome and time consuming effort to get this data to our partners and make it fit into their template, which were always different. Now with the SDC, we have one place that we can keep our data organized and up to date while giving our partners one convenient and easy place to obtain it, which has eliminated a barrier and gotten our information and products out to more customers.

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