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We understand the challenges of managing product data to the exacting standards of PIES and ACES. SEMA Data has a Data Team staffed by product specialists with years of experience who can guide you through, whether you want to manage your information on your own (DIY) with our user-friendly data platform, PartsHub, or have the team help with your regular data updates (DIWM). With either solution, your standardized datasets are for you to control and approve to distribute out to the thousands of resellers in our network. With the industry relying on product data to conduct business, expertise at your fingertips, and thousands of potential buyers within reach...why join SEMA Data? Because it's the smart thing to do.



SEMA Data Services

We understand as our industry evolves and grows, so do your needs. 
— Note from Gigi Ho, VP of Operations

SEMA Data has also evolved over the last few years since I've joined the team. From its start as a product data storehouse, we now offer a... READ MORE

SEMA Data Excellence Award Recipients

Congratulations to all our Data Excellence Award recipients! 

Great to receive more pics from SEMA Data members sharing their excellence with us! 

In March we shipped out the Awards to more than 140 brands who earned SEMA Data Excellence in 2021, and asked... READ MORE

Data Best Practice - Life Cycle Status Codes

View from the Driver’s Seat - a perspective from Joe Sepeda, Product eCatalog Manager  

We are often asked about the best way to release new product announcements and how to manage that in the datasets sent out to resellers.

At our last SEMA Data... READ MORE

SEMA Data Excellence Featured Brands

Featuring this month's SEMA Data Excellence level brands' products from BBK, Borla, Deviant Race Parts, GEN-Y Hitch, Raptor Series, and RIGID! 

GEN-Y Hitch REBEL X Tactical Drop Hitch – Part No. GH-13053X
The REBEL hitch is a competitively priced... READ MORE

Your Data ScoreCard…

Provided as a standard part of SEMA DATA services, our Data Analysts will work with you to bring your data quality up to premier levels, and provide you a scorecard grade and notification of any change in status.

Using the familiar Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum scale, we will show you exactly what data fields are most important to your customers, based on actual feedback from them.

Achieving and maintaining high data quality is a critical element of effective data management, and a real game changer when it comes to generating sales. Incomplete or inaccurate data, on the other hand, will only serve to poorly represent your products and often make them difficult to find via search, as well as creating expensive and unnecessary returns.

At the 2012 SEMA show, the SEMA Data Co-op team did a great job teaching and illustrating how important this new service will be to all SEMA members. Thanks to the SDC’s effective PR campaign launched several years ago, we have been working hard at Hotchkis to bring our data up to standard. Thankfully it all came together and we were ready to load our data just as they were preparing to go live with PIMS. We really look forward to taking advantage of PIMS as it will be the first time we have the authority to affect our data in real time.

Hotchkis Performance



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