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We understand the challenges of managing product data to the exacting standards of PIES and ACES. SEMA Data has a Data Team staffed by product specialists with years of experience who can guide you through, whether you want to manage your information on your own (DIY) with our user-friendly data platform, PartsHub, or have the team help with your regular data updates (DIWM). With either solution, your standardized datasets are for you to control and approve to distribute out to the thousands of resellers in our network. With the industry relying on product data to conduct business, expertise at your fingertips, and thousands of potential buyers within reach...why join SEMA Data? Because it's the smart thing to do.



SEMA Data Excellence Brands Get Featured

You've worked hard to achieve SEMA Data Excellence status. Show the industry what you've got! 

Did you know that SEMA Data Excellence brands can get free exposure in SEMA News, SEMA eNews or SEMA Data eNews? That's right, monthly or weekly, your brand... READ MORE

SEMA Data Live Chat on PartsHub

Don't get stuck, get help! 

PartsHub is a user-friendly, and collaborative product cataloging solution that became part of SEMA Data's suite of services. Since its introduction late last year, almost 100 brands are managing their product experience and... READ MORE

Faces of SDC Data Excellence

Congratulations to all our Data Excellence Award recipients!

Last year, SEMA Data released a new data scorecard for our manufacturer members that was more closely aligned with the needs of the reseller community -- buyers and sellers of specialty products. At SEMA360, we... READ MORE

Amplify Your Brand with SEMA Data

It's tempting to silo the product data you have in SEMA Data as separate from your marketing and sales efforts, but don't do it.

Use SEMA Data's reseller reach to amplify your brand. We have the largest and most active network of resellers, all eager... READ MORE

Your Data ScoreCard…

Provided as a standard part of SEMA DATA services, our Data Analysts will work with you to bring your data quality up to premier levels, and provide you a scorecard grade and notification of any change in status.

Using the familiar Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum scale, we will show you exactly what data fields are most important to your customers, based on actual feedback from them.

Achieving and maintaining high data quality is a critical element of effective data management, and a real game changer when it comes to generating sales. Incomplete or inaccurate data, on the other hand, will only serve to poorly represent your products and often make them difficult to find via search, as well as creating expensive and unnecessary returns.

“When I first started with Baer one of my first tasks was to work on getting the Baer Sport data up to date. It had been a while since anyone had worked on making sure our data was as good as it could be for our customers so the task seemed a little daunting at the beginning. But with the help of the great people over at SDC, it went much smoother than expected. I have been fortunate to have the SDC there to help me at every stage of the process. They are always there to answer any question I may have, no matter how big or small it is. It is really comforting to know that as our company expands, I can count on them being there to help me make sure our data is as clean as it can be!”

Baer Brakes



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