Smart Chargers - With the CHARGE IT! 4500 Series, everything in your garage can be kept charged up and ready for use. Big or small, summer or winter, no matter what type of lead acid battery it utilizes. With multiple charge rates and the ability to properly charge many battery types, CHARGE IT! is your go-to battery service tool for everything from motorcycles and jet skis to cars, trucks, SUVs and more.

Wheel Chargers - Easy mobility. Fast charging rates. Boost mode to assist with engine cranking for a stubborn engine. The CHARGE IT! wheel charger Model No. 4725 does it all. Plus, it offers easy mobility in the shop or garage and its slimline design allows easy maneuvering in tight service bays and convenient storage when not in use.

Battery Testers - The convenience of handheld digital testing makes battery and system diagnosis a snap. Battery testing, starting system testing, charging system testing... everything you need in a single easy-to-use tool. It can even test partially discharged batteries, quickly and safely, without having to wait to bring the battery to full charge.

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