Forged with sweat and refined with know how. The accumulation of nearly a decade of development and testing. BOOSTane, we want to make it perfectly clear, is not your everyday octane booster found at auto supply stores. We do not have a checkered past, unless you are referring to a track. Our sole purpose is to provide the very best race fuel additive money can buy, something that we would feel comfortable running in our own engines.

We exist because there is a world of gear heads, like us, that want the best. That want to go fast. That want to win. That want a product that delivers results, and that they can feel confident in allowing their high performance vehicles to rely upon.

Our team of engineers and racers are dedicated to continually pushing the limits of engine performance technology in perpetuity. We are not in the business of bringing a product to market that doesn't live up to it's claims. The BOOSTane Team is comprised of powerboat world record holders, inventors, engineers, and racing enthusiasts. We want to be the foundation that our customers can depend on and utilize to reach their own performance goals and dreams.

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