Advanced Clutch

The Vision at ACT

To serve our customers in an extraordinary way with business excellence, outstanding product quality, and exceptional value which meets even the most challenging needs of our customers.

To lead the industry in performance clutches and flywheels by manufacturing an extensive product line, including single disc clutches, twin disc clutches, carbon clutches and flywheels.

To advance a family of people committed to innovation, measurable results and well developed systems of operation which provide adventure, quality and efficiency.

Advanced Clutch Technology, Inc., since 1994, has specialized in performance clutches and flywheels for the sport compact, domestic and diesel truck markets. ACT's focus on customer service, quality and performance has earned it an unparalleled reputation in the aftermarket industry. All ACT product is thoroughly researched and tested prior to release to ensure they perform to the customers' expectations. This commitment to excellence has resulted in providing racers with championship wins. These standards also ensure ACT's street products provide the performance demanded.

Customer satisfaction is ACT's top priority ACT-Difference

Selecting the best clutch for any application may appear tricky at first. There are many factors that influence a wise decision, such as engine torque, maximum RPM, available grip (street tires, DOT-R, drag slick, etc.), type of driving (street, sport, track events, racing, etc.), driving style (what you actually do, not what you should or want to do), FWD/RWD/AWD and so on. Below are some basic guidelines that can help. ACT products are competitively priced and available from many local retailers. ACT's customer service department is responsive and ensures the most complete information is shared. For the best application-specific information, please contact your reseller or ACT directly.

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