We understand as our industry evolves and grows, so do your needs. 

SEMA Data has also evolved over the last few years since I've joined the team. From its start as a product data storehouse, we now offer a full suite of services including:

  • Do-It-With-Me data cataloging services with industry experts to assist and coach you through the data management process and best practices
  • An easy-to-use Do-It-Yourself product cataloging platform, PartsHub, for independent data management
  • eCommerce plugins for three web and commerce platforms: WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce
  • Robust APIs for data acquisition and presentation or product search 
  • A new Get Data and Global Exports portal along with custom export format tools for maximum ease and flexibility
  • Vehicle fitment audits to assess conflicts and overlaps in vehicle data

The positive impact of these services reflects in the growing number of SEMA Data members, both manufacturers and resellers, growing the brand offering to over 500 and reseller network to over 3,500 from just three years ago. A recent survey of our Net Promoter Score (NPS) scored SEMA Data at 75. NPS is a standard customer satisfaction metric to measure how loyal customers are to a brand overall, with 50 and up being Excellent and over 75 being World Class.

However, we don't rest on our laurels and are always seeking to develop or refine our services for you.

Please take this 1 question survey to let us know which services you'd like to see us make available for you in the future. 


As always, we're here to help if you have questions. Contact us at info@semadata.org.

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