New Dev Team eCommerce plugins support policy can help you launch faster and save time.

The SEMA Data eCommerce plugins for Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCoomerce has over 1200 downloads since their launch last year.

And in that same time, those eCommerce platforms have gone through updates, design companies have released new store templates, and other app developers have layered on other capabilities. Some of these changes and apps play nicely with the SEMA Data plugins and some do not.

The SEMA Data plugins remain free to use and is intended for SEMA Data members only. If you install and attempt to download data without an authentication token, nothing will come through. To get use of the plugin and have a choice of over 500 brands in the specialty automotive aftermarket, go to for information about our Resellers program and to join SEMA Data.

With a successful installation, the plugins will enable you to ditch the CSV/Excel spreadsheet madness and import product and vehicle information to your store in just a few clicks. You will be able to launch a year-make-model product search, assign custom fitments to your products, and perform many other product management activities. 

Information and installation instructions for any of the three plugins can be found at

We've fielded a lot of questions and seen a lot of implementations, and although we thoroughly test the plugins in our own eCommerce environment, please keep in mind that some themes, customizations, and other apps could conflict with the SEMA Data plugins' functionality.

We advise using our Dev Team to help you get your SEMA Data plugin set up in your store. Starting on February 1, 2023, we have introduced a Plugin Setup Service with our Dev Team. The cost is only US$300 and it is a one-time charge to get you up and going.

If you choose to forgo the Plugin Setup Service, and need to de-bug issues with your installation, be advised that a diagnosis service will be billed at US$150 per hour with a 3-hour non-refundable commitment. We will provide you the diagnostic report for you to give to your web team. If you would like us to fix the issues cited in the diagnostic report, the service rate will be US$150 per hour for however long is needed to fix the issues.


As always, we're here to help if you have questions. Contact us at

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