With PartsHub's Reseller Scorecards, you can find out what data your customers need before you send.

Know that your content is complete and ready to be sent, before you send it. Toggle between different reseller specific scorecards to review the data fields your customers need to process your data imports, then jump quickly to the content that needs help.

There are currently 15 different scorecards in addition to the PIES and SEMA Data ones. Just let us know which of the following you'd like to have added to your account. Contact us via the in app Chat feature or contact your SEMA Data Project Manager.

Available scorecards are:

  • AAM Group
  • AutoZone
  • CarID
  • Earl Owen
  • JEGS
  • Keystone
  • Kunzman
  • Meyer Distributing
  • Motor State
  • PartsTech
  • Premier Performance
  • Summit
  • Walmart
  • WHI

And because PartsHub is a collaborative platform, if you want in-house scorecards for your marketing or website teams, we can set that up for you, too!

ps - Resellers, if you'd like to add your requirements to PartsHub as a Reseller Scorecard, please let us know!



As always, we're here to help if you have questions. Contact us at info@semadata.org.

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