While the SEMA Data Offices are mostly closed this holiday season, here are a few backlinks to help you refresh your memory — and your data.  

For manufacturers and resellers alike, this is a good opportunity to take a look through the list of tips below, some with links to past articles we've written, regarding key aspects of your product info that are important to help consumers make their buying decision.

1. Digital Assets.

Many of you have stepped up your assets game this last year, so here's another little challenge for you: take away your installation instructions, logos, and warranty docs and see how many unique/actual product images you have for each of your part numbers. If it's only one, we encourage you seek out a secondary or tertiary product image for your products.

These additional images can be closeups or different angles or groupings — anything that would give the consumer another view of your products.

2.  Features and Benefits (FAB).

First, do you have features and benefits written for your products? If not, click here to find out how to start: features-tell-and-benefits-sell

If you have them for your products, do they follow the golden rule of FABs? If you need a reminder of what the rule is, click here to refresh your memory: features-tell-and-benefits-sell

If you have telling FABs for your products, do you know where else you can apply FABs to help your buyers and consumers? For a list of where else FABs can help your brand and products, click here find out: features-tell-and-benefits-sell

3.  Product Attributes.

We had a great conversation with one of our resellers earlier this year about what he saw as an important aspect of product data that really helped with their sales. Click here to read what he called out: shoppers-want-next-level-attributes

4.  Vehicle Fitment Gaps and Roll-ups.

This is a perenial favorite to review. It may not be applicable to everyone, but if your parts are fitment specific, it's worth checking for fitments coverage gaps and next year roll-ups. Fitment conscious consumers are going to be searching for parts that fit their vehicle and if they pass you by because of a gap or delayed year roll-up, that's opportunity and sales lost.



If you have any questions or comments, there is a crew on hand over the next two weeks you can reach out to. You can contact us at helpdesk@semadata.org.


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