This acquisition will provide SDC manufacturer members a more user-friendly PIM experience for data management across their organization.  

The SEMA Data Co-op (SDC) has acquired PartsHub, a comprehensive catalog management solution that will enhance a participating manufacturer’s ability to create and update industry standardized product information, regardless of their product data knowledge or expertise. 

Integrating PartsHub's interface with the SDC PIMS makes it easy for manufacturers to organize and update their data for industry resellers. The updated interface also allows possible datasets that can easily be exported in formats that meet reseller needs.

Additional transitions will be rolled out over the next 30-60 days as the SDC team gears up with training and data management for SDC’s current members. Inquiries can be directed to

PartsHub Acquisition FAQ

What is PartsHub?

PartsHub provides a friendly interface that makes it easy to view and edit product data without having to be a data or industry standards experts.

  • Cloud based, all-in one solution for PIES/ACES/Digital Assets
  • In-line edits and real-time validations
  • Built-in workflows with view only & edit permissions
  • Import and export to Excel or bulk edit in-app
  • Receiver-specific scorecards and readiness reports
  • One-click exports to resellers (XML, XLS, etc.)
  • Commenting system for seamless collaboration
  • A well-regarded DIY PIM system with customers scoring PartsHub at 9 out of 10 across criteria of ease-of-use, responsiveness, features & functionality

How are PartsHub customers affected?

PartsHub’s current integration with the SDC PIMS will make the transition for current customers simple. The additional benefits provided with SDC will be inclusion into SDC’s robust and active reseller network, access to SDC’s data experts for questions and guidance, participation and recognition into SDC’s Data Excellence Award program.

  • Continue as is, managing their product data within PartsHub
  • No rate changes with the additional services provided
  • One-on-one orientation with SDC services with be conducted

Can current SDC customers use PartsHub right now?

Additional transitions will be rolled out over the next 30-60 days as the SDC team gears up with training and data management on PartsHub. 

At this time, we would like to collect info of companies who are interested in moving over to PartsHub for data management. Please send their info or direct them to contact Jim Graven, East Coast Sales Manager, or Tom Ameduri, West Coast Sales Manager.

What happens with resellers?

Resellers who are currently accessing PartsHub for product data will be migrated to SDC. Those who are not familiar with SDC will need to sign up for training with Sophia Cardona, Customer Service Coordinator. 

Manufacturers currently on PartsHub will still be able to export data as they needed. 

Will SDC still help with data management?

Unequivocally, yes.


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