Photos and images take center stage as Digital Asset Best Practices evolve some aspects to DA Standards -- Make sure your voice is heard! 

Auto Care Association (ACA) and representatives from the industry are meeting to update digital assets standards. A committee meets monthly via phone conference to revise and develop standards and discuss potential requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The committee is revising the industry’s Digital Asset Best Practices, updated in 2016. Click Digital Assets Best Practices  to review the 2016 version of Digital Assets Best Practices.

"The committee has good representation among warehouse distributors and resellers, but there seems to be minimal representation among suppliers and manufacturers, which is worrisome. Manufacturers and suppliers of data would be most affected by the resulting standards," says Abbie Pappas, Data Analyst, representing SEMA Data Co-op on the committee. "The standards and proposed requirements discussed so far are reasonable but many images may not currently comply."

Standards Discussed so Far


Current Proposed Requirement

Minimum Image Size

1500 pixels on the longest side.

Image Background Color

Pure white with no shadows.

Image File Name

No image file name standard has been established. However, file names should consist of only alphanumeric characters, hyphens and underscores. 

No other special characters should be used.

Line Art

Standards will be discussed soon.


Compliance or non-compliance with new the standards will be imposed by each trading partner but could result in images being rejected and/or products not being listed.

You can be involved.

You must be an Auto Care member to join this committee. As a member of the committee you can guide the standards and provide live input to the case. If you are unable to join this committee but would like information or provide your input for discussion, contact your SDC Team or Abbie Pappas at