Though we do our best to communicate to you the latest updates and what-to-expect in our eNews and in the Users Group meetings, it could be months between when we announce it and when you are ready to make use of it. 

For instance, 3 new features are going live this and next week with Custom Exports Builder! You can now add a column of static values to your templates -- helpful with those "Battery Y/N" required columns; you'll be able to click to include all asset types vs selecting one at a time; and finally, you can choose to split out the product attributes into their own columns!

So we're launching a series of live "Ask the Experts" sessions that any SEMA Data member can join. It'll be an opportunity to enhance your knowledge of all the features and services available to you as a member, and grow your skillset as content creators and receivers.

Look for a session registration email to go out soon. Our sessions will be held on Fridays for an hour or less, depending on the audience and topics we get into. The first one will be in a few weeks on March 22!

Don't think there's much to talk about? Did you know all these are available to you as members?


  • Search and request brands by brand name, product categories, scoring, and request status
  • Set up automated exports to run on daily, monthly or on change
  • Set up who on your team should get which dataset to work with, products (PIES), fitments (ACES), assets, and loadsheets
  • Customize your export layout columns in almost any format you need or want
  • Export data out in Amazon loadsheets
  • Review each of your approved brands' product data for completeness via Scorecard Rating
  • Get notified of newly updated product information for your approved brands
  • Utilize our APIs and eCom plugins to power your systems, websites and online stores
  • Use the Premium Plugins features to add/manage custom fitments and content for search

and much more!

Manufacturers & Brand Owners:

  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and Do-It-With-Me (DIWM) data management 
  • Live support with our Data Team in PartsHub content management platform
  • Notify your customers of pricing and other policies before use of your data
  • Create custom exports and automate delivery for your own use
  • Export data out in Amazon loadsheets
  • Review who's receiving which of your datasets
  • Get contacts for potential customers by searching our reseller network
  • Export your data in almost any WD or major retailers' merchandiser loadsheets

and many more!

As you can see, there are many opportunities to dive in and get additional info on any of these features and functions. We are looking forward to connecting with you and hearing your questions and feedback!


As always, we're here to help if you have questions. Contact us at

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