"It's time," Gigi Ho, VP of Tech, Data and Strategic Initiatives, declared.

"Product data has become the lifeblood of commerce and the Scorecard is intended to guide and coach everyone to continuously improve the product data we make available for the industry. We need to meet the growing needs of the market. It's time to set a new benchmark for Data Excellence." 

We shared the details of the new Scorecard v3 requirements at the SEMA Data Users Group Meetup at the SEMA Show and may have reached out to get an early assessment of where their dataset stands against the new Scorecard v3 requirements.

Now it's time for everyone to get access to the scoring and give all of you a long runway to get your data back up before the July 1 SEMA Data Excellence Award deadline. We will have a special recognition prize for those whose dataset meets the Platinum level score!

From the Users Group Meetup and the followups after the SEMA and PRI shows, we are especially encouraged that many of you are determined to meet the challenge!

Resellers! don't be alarmed at the new scoring and seeing that your approved brands may no longer be at Gold or Platinum.

The new scoring may lower the brand's score which only means the datasets now are scored against the new requirements. It doesn't mean the product data previously provided was made worse than what you have been receiving.

You can always access the details of any of your approved brand's scoring and checking on the completeness of the fields that matter to you.


SEMA Data Platinum level requirements summary
Two ways for Resellers access Scorecard detail view
Resellers scroll through to see details of Scorecard fields that matter to you


As always, we're here to help if you have questions. Contact us at info@semadata.org.

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