Starting this Nov 29, 2023, all SEMA Data Subscribers will receive an emailed report that summarizes the data updates and changes for your approved brands. You will see:

  • Which brands have new parts so you can target which datasets to update with new products
  • Which changed pricing so you can more effectively manage your margins
  • Which removed parts so you can make sure to mark remaining inventory appropriately

and more!

The report is designed to enable you to efficiently manage your data updates and make informed business decisions. The first report will go out this Wednesday, and you will receive updates thereafter on a weekly basis.

Your support drives us and we are committed to continually enhance your experience with our program.

If you would also like to receive these updates, all you need to do is become a Data Subscriber. The cost is only $25 for SEMA or PRI members and $75 for non-members. Besides this weekly report, Subscribers are able to customize and schedule exports to be sent how and when you need it. Additionally, Subscribers will have exclusive access to new SEMA Data eCom Plugin features releasing in early December.

Just log into SEMA Data's PIM system and go to Subscriptions option under your Profile name to get started today.


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