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Air Lift 1000 Air Spring Kit – Part No. 60804

Offering up to 1,000 pounds of load-leveling capacity, Air Lifts flagship kit, the Air Lift 1000, will make towing and hauling with the 2010-2021 Toyota 4Runner 4WD and Lexus GX460 a comfortable and stress-free experience. For frequent use, our fully-adjustable, industry leading air springs are the perfect partner for your vehicle, eliminating any issues that you might face. The Air Lift 1000 system fits easily into the rear coil springs of the vehicle providing suspension support. Easily adding air when carrying heavy loads will keep the vehicle level and stable. Adding air bags helps to eliminate problems frequently faced when towing and hauling, such as squat, poor headlight aim, trailer sway, body roll, and bottoming out. With the added stability and weight-distribution that air springs provide, you can haul safely, knowing that you have optimal braking and steering control. The air springs are adjustable from 5-35 PSI, ensuring that your vehicle can be ready for any weight and any situation. Simply add air when towing or hauling and deflate when riding empty. As the leader in air suspension products for over 70 years, Air Lift is committed to delivering quality load support parts that last. To ensure the highest quality, longevity, and customer satisfaction, the key suspension components, including the air springs and all hardware, have all been torture-tested to 1 million cycles on our hydraulic test rig. With a lifetime warranty and 60-Day Ride Satisfaction Guarantee, not to mention the Air Lift reputation for great customer service and technical support, should you run into any snags in the installation process, you can purchase this kit with peace of mind. Installing the kit is a simple process, requiring only common hand tools and no frame drilling, specifically designed to be installed in 2 hours or less. The Air Lift 1000 kit comes with a fully-illustrated, user-friendly installation manual, making the install process easy.

  • Up to 1,000 pounds of leveling capacity
  • Air springs fully adjustable from 5-35 PSI on most applications, helping to level your vehicle when towing or hauling a heavy load for a safe, comfortable ride
  • Air bags easily fit into the rear coil springs
  • No frame drilling required
  • Eliminate sag and bottoming out
  • Rugged durable components including air springs and all hardware
  • Easy to install in 2 hours or less with included instructions
  • Features Air Lifts Lifetime Warranty, with a 60 Day Ride Satisfaction Guarantee

QA1 Coilover Overhaul Kit for Dodge Charger, Challenger, Plymouth Barracuda – Part No. 52347-D400

Convert your classic Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, and Plymouth Barracuda from torsion bar suspension to a QA1 coil-over system. Kits include a tubular K member for reduced weight and room for big-tube headers. Modular motor mounts offer many engine options-including Gen 3 Hemis. Systems easily bolt-in without any cutting or welding. QA1 tubular control arms and rack-and-pinion steering greatly improve drivability and performance while providing a modern feel. Kits include single- or double-adjustable QA1 coil-overs to easily dial in your preferred ride quality and ride height. Optional MOD Series shocks provide peak performance on the track and drag strip. Kits are available in drag or handling configurations. Drag kits use rod ends on both upper and lower control arms to improve weight transfer by reducing deflection. They include a lighter spring rate to improve rear grip during hard launches. Drag kits offer 0"-2" of drop. Handling kits use poly bushings on lower control arms to provide improved cornering and reduced NVH. They incorporate a heavier spring rate for increased front-end stability. Handling kits are available with 0"-2" or 2"-4" of drop. Both kits can be paired with an optional QA1 front sway bar. QA1 systems are made in the USA. Single- and double-adjustable shocks are eligible for a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Fitment notes: Single-adjustable shocks are recommended for cars used primarily on the street. Double-adjustable coil-overs are recommended for consistent drag racing, autocross or road racing. MOD Series shocks are recommended for maximum tunability and higher force curves. Gen 3 Hemi power steering pumps require a pressure reducer and the installation of a power steering cooler. Coil-overs and control arms in this kit can NOT be used with other QA1 tubular products designed for torsion bar suspension. Kits use Mustang II spindles for plenty of brake options. Kits with 2"-4" of drop require wheels to be at least 18" in diameter.

  • Coilovers help you achieve the perfect stance and ride quality
  • Single-adjustable shocks are recommended for cars used primarily on the street
  • Double-adjustable coilovers are recommended for consistent drag racing, autocross or road racing
  • Rack-and-pinion steering provides a modern feel and improved handling in any setting
  • Drastically improve geometry, enhancing driving feel and cornering capabilities
  • Designed for everyday driving, drag racing, and handling
  • Tubular design improves exhaust clearance while reducing weight
  • Works with multiple engine configurations 

Truck Covers USA Tonneau Cover – Part No. CR262WHITE

Truck Covers USA is dedicated to building superior truck covers using tomorrow’s technology and innovation while competing at today’s prices. We insist on a highly trained staff, cutting edge design, state of the art materials and undivided attention to the smallest details. Our success is measured by customer satisfaction, and our decisions are driven by both consumer feedback and our passion for excellence.

Truck Covers USA consistently revolutionizes the roll cover industry with unique, versatile, and innovative product design, development, and production. We are not in business to produce truck covers that represent the industry standard, we are in business to become the industry standard. 

  • Built to Last
  • For Work or For Play
  • Proudly Made in the USA 

Injen EVOLUTION Cold Air Intake System for 2012-2016 BMW 3 Series  – Part No. EVO1103

Injen is proud to introduce the all new Evolution (EVO) sealed cold air intake system for the 2012-2016 BMW 3-Series! The EVO1103 cold air intake has been designed using state of the art engineering tools and techniques to produce the next generation intake system. This intake system is on a whole new level. The large housing not only provides beauty under the hood, but it encloses an impressive Injen SuperNano-Web dry air filter to provide both killer air flow and added performance. Let's all be honest, Injen likes to keep things cool, so the air filter is located in the best possible position of the engine bay helping to keep that unwanted hot air from entering your intake. This helps drop air intake temperatures to some of the coolest ones available. This Injen EVO intake kit includes everything that is required for a direct-fit installation. To top it all off, just like all other Injen air intake systems, this EVO Cold air Intake kit includes the unbeatable Injen limited Lifetime Warranty, making sure all your Injen parts are performing perfectly, as long as you own them! Roto-molded Housing; The two-piece housing utilizes the Injen inspection badge allowing for easy visual inspection of the air filter, along with adding a hint of style with white on red Injen logo. The entire housing was developed in 3D and ensures a hassle-free installation. Roto-molded Intake Tube; This Evolution Air Intake System uses a custom designed and dyno-tuned intake tube to produce impressive power gains while retaining proper fuel trims eliminating check engine lights.

  • Does not fit on Convertible Models
  • Dyno Proven gains of up to 15 hp and 17 lb-ft. of torque
  • Designed to work with the stock calibration
  • Aggressive intake growl under acceleration
  • Durable Roto-Molded Polyethylene tube and housing
  • Reinforced automotive grade silicone couplers
  • Fully serviceable Injen SuperNano-Web dry air filter
  • Replacement air filter # X-1105-BB
  • Stainless steel band clamps with inner protective liner
  • Aggressive underHood appearance while maintaining an OE fit
  • Our clear inspection badge allows you to quickly check the condition of your air filter while the red stripe enhances underHood appearances.
  • Made in Pomona, California USA
  • Injen Technology Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • This product is not currently CARB exempt and is not available for purchase in California or for use on any vehicle registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles

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