Thank you to our attendees, and if you couldn't make it, here's a quick recap with a special link! 

We recently had an incredible meeting and wanted to share a quick summary of what transpired, so those who couldn't attend can catch up.

The kickoff presentation was hosted by Gigi Ho, VP of Operations, along with Stephanie Jones, Director of eBusiness, and Joe Sepeda, Product Catalog Manager. AJ Carney, our guest from SEMA Memberships, joined us as well to give everyone insight into the benefits and group discounts available to all SEMA members.

A wide range of topics were covered, including what current projects are underway, what to expect at the SEMA Show from us, the release of the X-Cart plugin, and upcoming service changes for our reseller members. There was also a healthy dose of audience Q&As.

Bonus, we were able to record the entire presentation this year and you can get access to the video here: May 2023 Virtual Meetup 

Finally, we would like to thank again all the attendees who actively participated and made the meeting so enjoyable. Remember that SEMA Data is here to benefit you and your business. Your enthusiasm, crtique, knowledge sharing, and camaraderie are what helps us continue to develop greater solutions to help our industry grow.


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