SEMA Data Best Practices - Product Titles: As more performance and accessory products generate sales online, your product title description is an essential player in the digital marketing game.

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A product title provides your customers with valuable information that helps in their decision-making process. Customers don’t want to waste time trying to figure out a product. They rely on optimized product titles to learn about your product quickly and decide if they want to pursue it any further.

A optimized product title will not only get engagement in a shopping site, it will also get those products highly ranked on search engines to drive even greater traffic to your product or website. So what goes into an optimized product title?

Before you start, think about how your customers would search for the products you make or sell. Do you want to drive them to specific part numbers or lines of products? Will they need the vehicle or fitment of the product? Are there varying options or sizes of the product that would be important to them?

Answering these questions can help you to formulate how you want to craft your product title. Depending on the eCommerce platform you're using, you've got between 70 to 200 characters to convey information about your products -- so make them count!

Here are 3 best practices to follow:

  1. Make your title descriptive using key attributes and relevant features & benefits. Be user-focused and list them in the order of what would be important to the buyer.
  2. Avoid fluff and filler words. Remember, make your characters count. Phrases like "world class" are subjective and can turn a buyer off. 
  3. Mind your Ps and Qs. That is, capitalize the first letter of each word, spell out measurements (pound, inch, etc.), use numerals for numbers (7 vs seven) and don't use an ampersand (&) unless it's part of the product or company's name.

These best practices will help put you on the fast track to optimizing product title to drive better search results and better business.

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