SEMA Certified-Emissions and improvement to the PIES (product information standard) Emission Codes help clarify and protects you and your customers.

With the EPA cracking down on our industry, it's never been more important to work with SEMA Garage and SEMA Data to ensure your parts have the documentation and codification necessary to convey proper use.

Proper cataloging of your parts will offer you and your customers protection from the EPA wanting to impose fines for misuse or negligence.

The SEMA Garage offers emission compliance support through its recently introduced SEMA Certification-Emissions program which certifies that a product meets the EPA’s “reasonable basis” criteria making it legal for sale in 49-states, or obtaining a California Air Resources Board (CARB) Executive Order (EO) makes it legal in all 50 states. Being able to accelerate compliance through SEMA Garage will give you the ability to get products to the market faster.

The SEMA Data team is working closely with the Garage team and has coordinated the effort with Auto Care to update the PIES specification for emissions descriptions and reference notes to be clearer for your parts. 

The updated Coded Values in the PIES (product information standard) renames codes for CARB, EPA, and Pre-pollution-controlled vehicles, and adds codes for emissions-exempt products as well as notice for parts awaiting emissions certification.

As you know, the emissions information is a required field for our SEMA Data Excellence program, and we recommend working with us to update your product classifications as soon as possible.


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