Turbulent Times Call for Collaboration

Many of us live in a business model where staff and stakeholders could work on different aspects of your business. This can result in information that is in different formats and places as work could be siloed. You may have critical information on your website, in catalogs, and in business systems. How do you manage the big picture of information consistency and security?

  • We see some great product information in printed (PDF) catalogs or product release flyers, but is not carried over consistently to other formats, and not matched to the information sent over to SEMA Data.
  • We also see nuggets of great marketing descriptions, features and benefits, images and video on websites that is not available through SEMA Data.

If you want to enhance collaboration and make your product content more consistent across all channels internally and externally, there may be no better time than now. During turbulent times your stakeholders may be more open to change.

Collaboration is one of the Key Features of PartsHub

Let your team play in the same sandbox. PartsHub has built-in collaboration capability whether your team is internal, external, or mixed.

One collaborator, for example, your fitment expert can update vehicle data in PartsHub, while another collaborator can write product descriptions and manage images. You can review and manage the big picture because all of your information is in one place. And with your data secured within SEMA Data, you can authorize which resellers can access your data.

If you're managing your product content on spreadsheets and are a SEMA Data member, let us know you want to move over to our PartsHub platform for data management and team collaboration.


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