Featuring this month's SEMA Data Excellence level brands' products from BBK, Mickey Thompson, Pareto Point, and Raptor Series! 

Raptor Series Magnum Chase Tire Rack – Part No. CHS0001UNV

Magnum Chase Tire Rack is a bed organizing rack that is customizable into a multitude of configurations. Its heavy duty steel construction and patent-pending design allows up to 40 inch diameter full sized spare tires to securely mount in the bed of the truck. These racks anchoring points can be used to arrange the bolt on optional bed organizing accessories which are sold separately. Optional accessories include two point tire ratchet strap, motor oil/lubricant bottle rack, 20 quart cooler rack, gas/fuel jug rack, multi-purpose tool/storage box, motorcycle/mountain bike tire chock, off-road floor jack mounting bracket, and a CO2 power tank mounting bracket.

The Magnum Chase Tire Rack is a one part number solution that fits over 30 different makes and models of trucks and can quickly be removed to regain full access of the bed whenever needed. The rack is e-coated and finished in a matte black powder coat finish for years of durability.

  • All steel construction
  • 3 Stage Coating Process with Matte Black Powder Coat Finish to Resist Corrosion
  • Modular bolt together assembly
  • Works with long and short bed trucks. Minor drilling required on some models
  • Fits up to two 40in full size spare tires (sold separately)
  • 24 anchoring points for bed organizing accessories (sold separately)
  • Installation brackets and hardware included
  • 1 year warranty on the finish. Limited lifetime warranty on the structure

Mickey Thompson ET Drag 29.5/9.0-15ST M5 – Part No. 90000000855

Mickey Thompson Performance Tires designs, develops and distributes specialty tires for the street, strip, track, and off-road. Since its founding in 1963, the company has championed many firsts in the tire industry, from wide low-profile street tires to rugged, aggressive-tread off-road tires. Designing and producing innovative tread patterns and compounds to build the best performance tires in the world was our focus then, and is still our focus today.  ET Drag tires are a Proven Drag Strip Winner!  Real world research and development give M/T® slicks the edge over competitive brands. Engineered for maximum traction and consistent ET’s with superior construction and compounding for nearly every drag race application.

  • Multiple Compounds and Sizes
  • Compounded For Maximum Traction
  • Requires Little or No Burnout
  • Engineered For Consistent Performance

Pareto Point Top Dog-V 3.5A Kit – Part No. 1-35A-TDV

Today’s internal combustion engines work extremely hard. and clean oil is essential for your engine to perform at its best.  Unfortunately, your full-flow filter lacks the density capacity to trap the most dangerous debris (ten or less microns in size). As this debris passes through the engine, it causes a condition known as engine wear, which is responsible for over 85% of premature component failures. Ensuring the cleanest possible oil is the most important step you can take to protect your engine.  Making frequent oil changes is expensive and time-consuming, and waiting too long between changes can be disastrous.  By diverting a small amount of oil into a dense advanced filter, your oil is slowly and thoroughly filtered to about 5 microns, significantly reducing engine wear. This increases engine performance, mileage, and engine longevity. TopDog-V is inexpensive, quick to install, and requires no engine modification. TopDog-V has won numerous awards and has received high customer satisfaction marks.

  • Improved mileage (up to 3%)
  • Increased horsepower (higher efficiency, less energy consumption)
  • Extended oil service intervals (at least two to three times longer)
  • Longer engine life (decreased wear by at least half, doubling engine life)
  • Lower repair costs (less parts replacement and labor costs)
  • Reduced Environmental Footprint
  • Fast, easy installation, with no engine modification required

BBK Mustang GT 4.6L-2V 78mm Throttle Intake - Part No. 1780

Back in the 1980's Detroit's auto manufacturers were transforming all there engine platforms to direct port fuel injection which included an entire array of new components such as fuel injectors, air intakes, mass air sensors and throttle bodies. When BBK founder Brian Murphy began selling products for this new breed of American Musclecar, it was the 1988 5.0L Mustang that he purchased as his first development vehicle. Whether carbureted or fuel injected the basic design of all engines is pretty straight forward, more air in & out efficiently as possible equals more horsepower. After starting with a new direct bolt in shorty and equal length design header, Brian and his team quickly started addressing the intake side which resulted in ported out throttle bodies and mass air meters. After a short successful period of offering these modified parts, our engineers soon began tooling up new high flow castings that would allow for more sizes and overall much better performance levels.

  • 10-15 RWHP & 10+ Rear Wheel Torque
  • Throttle Body & Upper Plenum Combined
  • Dark Charcoal Powdercoated Finish
  • Increases Throttle Response
  • Easy Installation

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