Pricing is one of the four cornerstones of your marketing strategy, and is key to your success.

Protect your brand by maintaining accurate pricing across your sales channels, and make sure your pricing policy is easy for you to manage and enforce.

We anticipate that many of you may update prices due to material and labor shortages and can act quickly when we receive a price update. When sending in pricing updates to us, put in your Subject line the nature of the update. By letting us know the type of information to focus on, we can turn around your new pricing quickly and many of the resellers in the SEMA Data network are set to receive updates as soon as they're published. (Resellers can choose to receive updates whenever data changes.)

Let’s take pricing one step further. You can provide to us a PDF version of your written Pricing Policy and we can trigger an acknowledgement by your resellers of the policy and that they understand your requirements and will abide by its terms.

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) and Retail Minimum Price (RMP) are tools in brand protection and brand loyalty. They do not have to be across your entire product line, but keying in on premium lines or where you hold unique value in the industry can turn out to be the most important components of your Pricing Policy. 

Learn more about creating a pricing policy with SEMA Education On-Demand: MAP and Resale Price Policies: Everything You Wanted to Know, but Didn't Know Who to Ask


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