Featuring this month's SEMA Data Excellence level brands' products from KC Hilites, KSport, and SpeedFX! 

KC Hilites 50" Pro6 Gravity LED - 8-Light - Curved Light Bar System - 160W Combo Beam – Part No. 91398

Patented Gravity LED G6 optical inserts provide exceptional output and efficiency. Pro6 light utilize a combination of SAE/ECE Driving and Wide-40 G6 optical inserts. Driving Beam lights provide powerful forward distance and equal beam distribution, while the Wide-40 beam offers a wider area of coverage, increasing high speed cornering visibility. The result is a highly targeted light distribution and beam shape to deliver more usable light than standard forward facing LED Lights. The Pro6 LED light bar comes ready to fit most standard LED bar widths and is designed with high-strength aluminum end mounts. This universal mounting design easily attaches to KC mounts on your Truck or SUV, including various KC M-RACKs roof racks applications. Inspired by endurance racing and tested by KC athletes worldwide, the Pro6 is set to break all performance barriers while providing the most durable, reliable and scalable LED light bar design available today.

  • Powered by patented and powerful Gravity LED G6 optical inserts
  • Patent-pending Infinity Ring With Adjustable Radius Light Orientation
  • G6 LED Reflector Optics Utilizing a Combo Driving and Wide-40 Beam pattern
  • Use As a Standalone Universal LED Light Bar or Add-On Light Bar to KC M-RACKS

Ksport Procomp Big Brake Kit for 1993-1997 Ford Probe – Part No. BKFD050-432SO

Ksport big brake kits provide the ultimate in stopping power for your vehicle. Integrating new brake technology into the design of the kits allows for a kit that highly reduces brake fade and continually cools and refreshes the brake pads surface under braking. These brake systems are designed for easy installation with minimal tools required (in most applications).' Our extreme lightweight one-piece caliper comes in differential bore configuration. It is CNC machined from aircraft quality billet, weighs just over 5lbs. each, and has machined in protection grooves for the bridge tubes. Aluminum pistons, high temperature seals, and stainless-steel brake pad wear plates are also standard on each caliper design. The opposed piston caliper design greatly improves pad wear and caliper rigidity over the OEM design. The stainless-steel brake lines stop expansion under pressure. Ksport utilize a 2-piece disc assembly, which reduces weight both rotating and unsprung. Many applications have a floating disc option which stops thermal stresses of extreme heat from warping the disc or cupping the braking surface. Our unique slot design on the rotor greatly reduces braking noise and expels gas and pad debris faster than conventional slot designs. Every rotor is always heat treated and balanced before shipment for the best possible performance. Cross drilled rotors tend to run cooler than slotted and are recommended for daily driven vehicles. Slotted rotors are recommended for vehicles that will be seeing more track use than daily driving.

  • Slotted rotors are recommended for track use and feature grooves on rotor surface to wipe away heat, dust, and gases (Available Option)
  • Cross drilled rotors are the best option for a daily driven street car. Drilled rotors tend to run slightly cooler than slotted. Both types have increased bite over stock/continuously clean and refresh the pad surface. (Available Option)
  • For street use, choose SC5 Street pads with long-lasting, low-dust ceramic compound. Optimal operating temperatures are between 194'F ' 1022'F for fast warm up under normal driving conditions.
  • For track use, choose RC1 Race Pads These carbon metallic race pads are designed to give you the best stopping power possible under extreme track conditions
  • All Ksport big brake kits come standard with a 12-month warranty which covers manufacturer defects
  • See Product Options for rotor sizes and designs, brake pad choices, caliper choices, and color options
  • 11-inch ' 14-inch rotor size options available on ProComp brake kits
  • 4 Standard colors available Orange, Red, Yellow, Black and over 20,000 Custom upgradeable colors available
  • All calipers feature 1-piece construction from a solid billet of aluminum for light weight and unparalleled strength
  • Opposed-piston caliper design greatly improves pad grip and reduces uneven wear
  • Aluminum caliper pistons provide freedom from corrosion, better heat resistance, and lighter weight
  • Reinforced carbon steel caliper brackets allow these larger-than-OEM size calipers to bolt directly on to existing mounting points
  • All rotors feature 2-piece design with an aluminum center for lower rotational mass, quicker braking response, and shorter stopping distances

SpeedFX MaxFlow Xtreme Exhaust System Kit for 2007-2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 - Part No. 50100

The MaxFlow Xtreme exhaust systems by SpeedFX are built using T-304 austenitic stainless steel which will not pit or rust. 300 series stainless steel weld filler supports the overall quality and durability of the system. Smooth mandrel bend angle ensure maximum air flow for the very best sound and performance. CNC manufacturing creates precise fitment and reduces installation times. The MaxFlow Xtreme muffler provides a rich, aggressive tone that will turn heads and make you smile. Dual side or dual rear exit options are included on applicable systems. MaxFlow Xtreme exhaust systems are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Built From Premium T-304 Austenitic Stainless Steel Which Will Not Pit Or Rust
  • Smooth Mandrel Bent Angles Ensure Maximum Air Flow For The Very Best Sound And Performance
  • CNC Manufacturing To Exacting Tolerances Creates Precise Fitment That Reduces Installation Time
  • 300 Series Stainless Steel Weld Filler Supports The Overall Quality And Durability Of The System
  • Optional Dual Side Or Dual Rear Exits On Applicable Systems Provides Optional System Set Up
  • Rich, Aggressive Tone From The MaxFlow Xtreme Muffler Adds A Powerful Sound To The Vehicle

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