Auto Care updated the VCdb for bed type configuration table. 

As you may know, SEMA Data subscribes to Auto Care's Vehicle Configuration Database (VCdb) to help you create ACES records (i.e., vehicle fitment data for your parts). The database is updated every month and each month there are always updates and changes to be aware of and remap your data if needed.

The latest change in the VCdb has done away with the "Styleside" and "Flareside" bed type options. Styleside was a marketing term used by Ford for its regular flat-sided bed on their pickup trucks; and Flareside was used for beds with the wheel well arches on the outside of the bed, leaving the interior cargo box area of the bed perfectly rectangular.

Auto Care uses the term "fleetside" to describe truck bed option with the flat-sided exterior and wheel well arches within the carbo box area, and "stepside" for the truck bed option with the wheel well arches outside the cargo box area.

Resellers, you may need to update your category tree to ensure everything is pointing at fleetside and stepside as needed. Manufacturers, please check your data with us to ensure you don’t have any invalid fitment (ACES) records for your Ford-based bed products.



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