Vibrant Performance Announced New Pricing Policies Effective September 1. 

A message to Vibrant Performance's vendors from Deryck Griffith, Director of Sales and Marketing: 

The Covid-19 era for us at Vibrant Performance has been whirlwind, and the last 7-8 months have been the most difficult.

Like many, we have struggled to manage all aspects involving our supply chain; most especially, the sharp increase in cost to move product and our material costs, which have climbed sharply since the start of this calendar year.

Ideally, we would’ve already presented you with price increases, but the goalposts on our all of our accumulated costs has shifted dozens of times these first three quarters of 2021. As such, we opted to delay on a price increase to enable us the time necessary to get a solid grasp on the new realities of where our accumulated costs have now settled to, along with not burdening you, our customer, with an array of multiple price increase throughout Covid-19.

Now that a stabilization is starting to be seen within all aspects of supply chain, it is now time to update our prices and these new prices went active on September 1st, 2021... We’ve also taken the pleasure to add some new items in our updated price list which include some the following.

Be sure to update your data to reflect our new prices, and please pay special attention to our Unilateral Pricing Policy, which is your guide on what the lowest advertised price (MAP) should be on your business website.

I can be contacted at anytime, should any of you have any questions.

Best regards,

Deryck Griffith
Director, Sales and Marketing
Vibrant Performance
Ph: 905-564-2808 x 237


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