Creating and managing exellent product data requires the collaboration of many key players, and a product information platform that invites collaboration. 

The key to building great data is through the collaboration of many groups with each holding key aspects of a product or reflecting a key point of view of the target market.

Invite members of your team to build sections of your data. In fact, your engineering team, your marketing team, or your web development team may provide valuable insight to your data with content that is already developed. Contribution of these team members to your data may also enhance their product development abilities.

An often asked question by resellers to us is why the information on a manufacturer's website is different, whether more information or less information, than the dataset received from the manufacturer through PIMS. This is a point of opportunities lost to capture the customer and ultimately the enthusiasts and users of the products.

Collaborate with SEMA Data's PartsHub software.

With six users as standard and any number to be added on, members of your team can review, edit, and share comments to each other on the products as they're being developed. Clicking on comments take the viewer immediately to the part in question to take action. Versioning from Draft to Review and Approve to Publish gives your team control and a workflow to choose who and when product information is ready to get distributed to the industry. All changes are logged within PartsHub so there's always a breadcrumb to who and when a change was made to a product's information, whether that's adding a new attribute or removing a description.

Invite your SEMA Data teams to collaborate, too!

With our Do It With Me service, if data is not your strong suit or you don't have the team in-house to maintain your data, we can help. As you work with us, you will continue to be involved with your data, seeing what changes have been made, leaving us comments for additional information to be included, and be in control of when you want to set your product information to Publish.

Data is our passion and we are committed to your success. That is not an exaggeration. We work on data every day, 12 months out of the year. Lean on our team and expertise when you need. Whether your collaboration is in-house or in concert with your SEMA Data team, teamwork makes a dream work.

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