Troubleshooting Failing FTP Exports 

If you are seeing that troublesome ‘Delivery Error’ message in the Status column of your Recent Activity page, review these key areas and take steps to resolve the connection issue so you can receive your data files. The issues are commonly Host, Authentication, or Configuration.    

  1. Check your FTP settings. The FTP host is the specific site you want SEMA Data to connect to. It can be static, dynamic, or shared. Carefully review the FTP configurations in your Global Settings, and any individual Ad-Hoc exports you've created. Many times it can come down to mis-keyed paths, changed server names, incorrect folder, or wrong passwords that is causing the error. Even having a leading / (slash) when not in your folder structure can cause a failure. NOTE:  When you save your FTP settings, PIMS immediately performs a connection check and provides details on whether the connection was successful or failed to connect.
  2. Test your settings using FTP client apps, like Filezilla (free). You can set up and test your own connection using an FTP client application, like Filezilla (available for both PCs and Macs).
  3. Check if there are firewalls or other security protocols. Check with your IT department to ensure that the SEMA Data server's IP address has been whitelisted so that our attempts to connect will be accepted. Our IP is:
  4. Tried all above steps and still having issues? Click the blue Log button to see some details on what caused the error. Possibly the protocol, encryption, proxy, or port has been incorrectly selected. This will require assistance from your IT department to know what these settings must be for SEMA Data to connect.

As always, we're here to help if you have questions. Contact us at


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