It's been over a year since the SEMA Data WooCommerce and Shopify Plugins hit the industry. Now at version 3.40, there's been a lot of updates. 

Back in June of last year, we added the ability to use your own Line Card prefix versus the industry standard BrandID. We enabled adding custom fitments into the vehicle search, and also the ability to adjust your selling price across an entire brand.

In the year since, we've made a lot of enhancements to make downloading, updating, and managing your product catalog with SEMA Data a whole lot easier. You can review the full change log here on the Wordpress Marketplace (we do our best to match features and functions across both plugins), but here are a few highlights:


Choose which product information you want to update.

Whether you're looking to refresh the attributes, images, fitments, or title for a brand, what you want updated is just a checkbox away.


Create a vehicle search shortcode for your home page.

Allow your shoppers to start their catalog search by fitment right from the home page with a Year-Make-Model lookup. Clicking search will automatically take them to the Catalog Search page and apply their vehicle selection.


Add a text search to your catalog page.

Too many part types for a consumer to click through? Adding a text search can simplify the shopper's options and make narrowing in on their desired part that much easier.


Batch delete fitments not applicable to your audience and/or expertise.

Are you a Mustang specialty but the brands you carry have parts for other vehicles? Simply delete the models or whole makes of vehicles that don't apply to your niche.

You can get info and a demo of how the plugins work at

We are thrilled to share these updates with you, but if you have questions, we are always here to help. You can contact us at

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