View from the Driver’s Seat - a perspective from Joe Sepeda, SEMA Data Product Catalog Manager 

I am honored to work with each of you as we care for your data and its capability to power your business. I'm not sure how I got so lucky, but I work with a passionate and dedicated group of people.

Since our support of you is multifaceted, I wanted to share some information about our people and how we support you.

Multifaceted Support from the SEMA Data Team
•    The Sales team: Jim Graven and Tom Ameduri, might be your first contact with us and are always available. Sophia Cardona is our Reseller Liaison and works to help train and onboard many of your customers.

•    The Product Catalog Teams: Three data teams work with data management and are divided by segment.

  1. Team One is based in San Diego, CA, and led by Mike Jezewski. Team One works with companies who specialize in suspensions, brakes, wheels, tires, interior and miscellaneous products.
  2. Team Two is also in San Diego, and led by Brian Smith. Team Two works with companies who specialize in exterior and jeep products.
  3. Team Three is in Kansas City, KS, and led by Paul Spornitz. Team Three works with companies who specialize in engine related products.

•    The Development team builds and maintains the data warehouse and the interfaces that hold and distribute your data.
•    The Leadership team leads all of SEMA Data and interfaces with our association executive team, SEMA Board members, and council leadership.

Over the next couple of months, I’ll tell you more about each team. If you have a question and are not sure who to ask, you can always ask me at


A little about me…

Good, clean, standardized data is a passion of mine and I want to do it well. We strive to help the industry by ensuring that when data and images reach the retailer, they are standardized and useful.

In 2010, I joined the industry as a customer service representative for a large online retailer in San Diego. I shifted to the data team in 2012 and that is where I found my love and passion for automotive data. I joined SDC in 2018 and now manage three teams of data analysts across our San Diego and Kansas City offices.

I am a military son, born in northern Louisiana. My father worked with computers and data, so I have been around computers and information my entire life. After high school, I followed my family’s footsteps and joined the US Marine Corps. I worked as a CH46e helicopter mechanic, developed a love for turning wrenches, and settled in San Diego, California, afterwards. Aside from being the world’s best husband and #1 Dad to three beautiful girls, you can find me in my 100 Series Land Cruiser in the middle of nowhere or building and running remote controlled rock crawlers and scale trucks.

As always, we're here to help if you have questions. Contact us at


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