Simpler, Faster and Automated Data Exports

- by Sophia Cardona, Customer Service Coordinator


Time is money for data users and producers, so you requested a simpler and faster data export interface. At the same time, you wanted to dig into data by creating custom reports. Following these directives, we went to work interviewing a spectrum of users and listening to your pain points and your desired results. With your feedback, we developed a robust and refreshed interface.


More Capability on One Screen
One screen holds more capability, minimizing the amount of time you spend getting what you need. You can request brands, view products, and follow up on the Brand Data page. This page is color coded to make it easier to spot the functions that matter the most to you.

Notice the updated terminology created for all types of users. This allows entrepreneurs just starting in the industry, and experienced companies alike, to be comfortable.


Automate your Exports by Creating a Profile
When you enter the new interface for the first time you will be prompted to create your profile. The profile has five sections: Personal Profile, Company Profile, Global Export Types, Global Delivery Method, and Global Export Schedule. Update all sections, paying particular attention to the three Global settings.

This initial setup is required for all users upon login, once the new interface is released. It's necessary because over time through the current PIM system, there is a high probability that whatever brands you have created exports for over time have had varying format and methods. This is an opportunity to use the Global Settings to create uniformed data formats and schedules.

After your have set up your profiles and export settings the first time, the next time you log in, you will see your data dashboard.


Your Global Settings
Choose your export formats for product information, vehicle applications, and digital assets. Set your delivery method, whether by email or FTP, and set when to receive your data with the export schedule.

Once your global settings are completed, current approved brands, and any future approved brands, will automatically be created in these set formats, similar to today's Default Export Template.


More Robust Custom Exports and Templates
Dig into the data and create reports with the Custom Export builder. Want to create a quick pricesheet of your brands? Want to arrange columns of information exactly the way you'd like? Create your own custom export template.

Don't worry, we have created several custom templates to get you started. Of course, you will have the ability to set one from scratch as well.


We’re Here to Help
We are thrilled to share this new interface with you, but if you have questions we are always here to help. Please contact me at


About the Author

Sophia joined the SEMA Data team in 2018 as the Customer Service Coordinator and is the reseller liaison to the many programs and tools offered to our Reseller members. Her business experience and passion to support the success of startup and well-established companies alike makes her a great resource to the SDC members and to our team.


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More Capability on One Screen
Set All Needed Export Types at Once
Set Delivery Method to eMail or FTP
Schedule Delivery by Data Change, Day, or Month
Build Custom Exports to Your Needs