You asked for it and we're giving it to you! 

The SEMA Data eCommerce plugins for the WooCommerce and Shopify platforms have added a few NEW FEATURES you have been asking for:

  • Use your own unique Line Card Prefix
  • Adjust pricing across an entire brand
  • Add fitment to products to incorporate into vehicle search

Your custom prefixes will replace the standardized four-character brand IDs in your product display. The prefix is required in order to make part numbers unique within your product database. The standardized Brand IDs will always be your default should you not assign unique prefixes.

Price adjustment can be done as a percentage calculation. The plugin automatically knows which brands have MAP pricing so that you cannot list below MAP. Otherwise, pricing calculations are based on Retail pricing.

Finally, you can manage fitment for your products beyond those you access from the SEMA Data. Adding fitment to your products enable them to be incorporated into the year-make-model vehicle search provided by the SEMA Data eCom plugins! 

These updates are in the latest plugin versions available from the SEMA Data demo website or from the App Marketplaces for Shopify and WordPress platforms.

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