We have seen a dramatic increase in the number of exports from SDC over the last three weeks, so we know the Reseller community is gearing up for retail business to come back strong – help them help you sell more parts!

Consumers are still looking forward to the good times ahead, and preparing for the track days, car shows, off road adventures and other activities involving their friends & vehicles, so this is the time to ensure your data is completely up-to-date.

We have been busy, too, improving connections between manufacturers and resellers, with these great tools:

  • We offer a plug-in for WooCommerce, allowing retailers with a WordPress/WooCommerce website to add a vehicle and catalog search without any need for downloads or reformatting of their website
  • A Shopify plug-in is in Beta testing now
  • Both are FREE to use for resellers and manufacturers with SDC - learn more at demo.semadatacoop.org
  • We offer merchandiser load sheet templates for Keystone, Meyer, Motovicity, Premier Performance, Quadratec, Summit, Transamerican, and many more - just ask us to add these to your dashboard

Remember, we are here to assist you. The SDC provides a Do-It-With-Me approach to managing product data – all you have to do is send us your updates in Excel, and we will validate and publish them so your customers can receive your new information.

For our DIY members, our new Staging Area dashboard in PIMS allows you to build product information within our PIM without worrying that it's not yet complete. Publish the updates when you are ready to get your data out to your customers. You can also “Manage Applications” in this dashboard to add or update vehicle fitment as needed.

Our PIMS is set up to automatically send new updates to your customers, in either a full file, or net change, so keep that new information coming to us. When those stimulus checks land, be sure your most up-to-date data is available to capture that every sale!

We recently added new functions to the supplier dashboard: “Approved Resellers not Exporting” button will show Resellers you've approved but have not exported your data. The downloadable file makes it easy to distribute the information to your sales team for follow up –- your next new customer is in that list!

Don’t forget about the prospecting opportunities available directly from your SDC dashboard, the “Resellers you Might be Interested in” contains an exportable list of active, qualified Resellers for your sales team to contact.

Last, but not least, please be sure to check the “How To” links on your left navigation bar. We have been adding new videos for helpful tips and system changes to keep you in-the-know and we welcome any feedback you have. Let us know if there is a feature or function that you would like to see a helpful video for.

Stay safe & healthy!



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Click on picture to watch the SDC WooCommerce Plugin Installation Video