Use of data evolves. Data standards evolve. SDC is helping you keep up with the evolution. 

As the business landscape shifts more and more to online, the needs and use of data has changed. With feedback from industry companies and consumers, the Auto Care Association releases their updates to the PIES and ACES to meet those needs. Amid this changing market, the SDC has revised its Scorecard to help you measure and maintain the quality of your data desired by your customers.

The new SDC Scorecard incorporates feedback from the SDC Reseller network, and industry experts. Data users want qualitative standards, more and better images and other digital assets, more attribute data, and other improvements which will be reflected in the new SDC Scorecard. 

Your data score reflects your data's status against this new Scorecard. You can check on your ranking within the SDC PIM or ask your SDC Data Team for help to its access.

Don't fret, along with the new Scorecard, more features and functions has also been released in the PIM to help you easily find and fill the gaps.

Plan to work with your SDC Data Team over the next several months to build your data to the new and evolving needs of the market.

If you would like to schedule time with us or get more information with the new SDC Scorecard, contact Joe Sepeda, Product Catalog Manager, at


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