New SDC Regulation Fields

As mentioned in a previous newsletter, SDC is ramping up data content support of government regulations, specifically California Proposition 65.  Through detailed review of content needed between manufacturers and resellers, SDC is using a combination of the Autocare Best Practices and member-driven and legal counsel-driven content to include a full range of detail to express these regulations.

With 7.0 now available, we support use of the new RGL (Regulatory Label) digital asset code to identify the warning label image.  If you have not converted to 7.0 yet, it is still acceptable to send as a ZZ1 User Defined image.  The physical image needs to be uploaded to the SDC cloud or a valid URI link needs to be identified in PIES for resellers to use on their own websites and systems.

For Prop 65 text content, we’ve spelled out some very specific labels to use in the Attribute segment to further declare the warnings:

  • Prop 65 Yes/No                                                Required
  • Prop 65 (C,R or CR)                                          Required
  • Prop 65 Warning Label                                   Required
  • Prop 65 Warning Chemical Listing                Optional
  • Prop 65 – Short Label                                      Optional
  • Prop 65 – Long Label                                       Optional

Reach out to the Data Lab for further instruction on how to begin incorporating this vital information into your datasets.