SDC is fully compliant with PIES 7.0!  One of the major changes in this version release is all PIES Coded Values have been decoupled from the PIES XSD and moved to the Product Classification Database (PCdb), allowing Autocare to release code updates in shorter timeframes. Previously, code changes had to be held for version releases that are infrequent.  Now, we’ll see code requests move through the approval process in a fraction of the time.

In PIES 7.0 some valuable new Coded Values have been added to enhance your data including:

  • Video Digital Asset Types
  • Three additional Price Types and a description field for the ZZ User Defined Pricing Fields
  • Title (TLE) Description Code added into Description segment
  • Additional National Popularity Codes (Obselete & Superceded) in EXPI segment

These newly defined codes will make it easier for Manufacturers to categorize this type of content and easier for Resellers to utilize.

If you need guidance on incorporating these updates into your data, just drop us an email. You are still welcome to import or export files in PIES 6.7 & PIES 6.5 and we also offer the flat file, Excel, and custom templates to meet your individual requirements.

To see all the current Coded Values available to use through 7.0, go to your SDC PIMS Dashboard, navigation to bottom right of the home page and click “PIMS Coded Value Table”.  This gives you an Excel file that is easily filterable by column to find the information you are looking for, whether you need a code, definition, or listing of available choices for a given field.

Please reach out to your Data Analyst with any questions about PIES 7.0!