ACPN is a membership segment of the Auto Care Association. More specifically, ACPN is a professional society comprised of automotive content professionals, or catalog managers as they have long been known. ACPN serves the professional development requirements of their members for education, training, technology solutions, industry insights, networking with peers and recognition.

Where else can individuals who share the highly specialized career requirements of an automotive content professional gather with hundreds of peers who face the same challenges everyday. ACPN was born over 40 years ago, when “catalog managers” gathered annually to share tips and techniques for typesetting layout and printing of paper catalogs. Electronic catalogs were in their infancy and there was no talk of electronic data standards and best practices.

Today, ACPN serves nearly 250 content professionals representing companies making nearly every category of automotive replacement part. The conference features leading executives from the industry speaking about the role that “content” plays in business, as well as other breakout and general session speakers that will contribute to a well-rounded program of business education and personal improvement.

The ACPN conference includes an afternoon trade show showcasing all of the leading technology and service solutions that help content managers stretch their budgets further, save time and publish better content. Nearly 40 vendors will gather in one ballroom with services and solutions of interest to automotive content managers.

The ACPN has a long tradition of recognizing the best examples of electronic and printed cataloging with awards judged by volunteer peers and recognition of the best content suppliers by the leading retail and wholesale data receivers. ACPN awards are displayed in businesses across the industry as an indication of a job well done.

Finally, the ACPN has developed a certificate program that members can pursue to demonstrate that they have achieved a high level of professional accomplishment and a dedication to lifelong learning. The Automotive Content Professional (ACP) designation is administered by the University of the Aftermarket and awarded at the conference only to those members who have reached the highest levels of achievement in their content management careers.

Join the ACPN, and take part in this community of peers!