Featuring this month's SEMA Data Excellence level brands' products from ACT, Fox Factory, Gate King, and Oracle Lighting! 

ACT XACT Flywheel Prolite - Part No. 600360

600360 is a Prolite flywheel, which is ACT's lighter flywheel offering with lowest inertia. Prolite flywheels are designed for best throttle response and acceleration. Prolite flywheels are preferred for road racing or rally racing, and have reduced drivability. Materials are properly distributed for maximum strength, good heat tolerance and rigidity. ACT flywheels are serviceable and can be resurfaced with no need to purchase additional parts.

  • Dramatically improved engine response and acceleration, mild to moderate gear rattle
  • Heat-treated forging for strength and toughness, induction-hardened ring gears for maximum life
  • One piece construction allows less opportunity for failure and provides uniform efficient heat transfer from the clutch disc
  • No more warped inserts or loose ring gears
  • Recommended for race use
  • Forged, CNC machined and dynamically computer balanced for smooth high RPM reliability  

Oracle Lighting GOBO-TREX - Courtesy Light 

With ORACLE's GOBO T-REX Logo Puddle Lights, you'll never have to guess if you're parked over a puddle ever again. Hooked directly up to your door's wiring, our door lights project the T-REX logo onto the ground when you open your vehicle's door for added style and safety. GOBO is short for Go-Between Optics, which refers to how the light fixture is customized with a stencil. Our top-of-the-line GOBO lights create a crisp projected image outside your car and are powered by a high-power LED for a crisp image, small housing, and a bulb that puts out very little heat. ORACLE offers GOBO door lights with a variety of brand emblems, logos, and more. T-REX logo puddle lights are an easy way to announce yourself and your car at the show or on the streets. Our three-step installation guide will get you ready to go in no time.

  • High-power, low-heat LED light
  • (2) LED Projectors, T-REX Logo Puddle Lights, (1) Install Tool
  • State-of-the-art GOBO technology that produces a crisp image 

Tailgate Adjuster - Silverado, Sierra 2019-24 1500 – Part No. 111919

Castel Innovations Gate King Tailgate Adjusters are designed to replace your truck's stock tailgate cables. Gate King allows you to adjust your tailgate height in a multitude of positions using our patented Tailgate Adjuster technology. Gate King provides strength and durability in a variety of positions to suit your cargo needs. Not only has this product been tested to meet the endurance and strength needs of anything you may want to haul in your pickup, but it also works with every major pickup truck on the road today. Available for 1999 and newer foreign and domestic trucks. Designed in California and made right here in the USA.

  • The Castel Gate King comes as a set of two
  • Patented Tailgate Adjuster system adjusts in 8 different positions
  • Gate King uses existing bolt holes so no drilling is required
  • Installation is simple and can be done in minutes
  • Fixed mounting bolts act as a tailgate theft deterrent
  • Compatible with most major truck brands
  • Gate King will not work with most aftermarket slow-release bars


Uncompromised performance through FOX’s patented internal bypass technology delivers the feel of near-endless suspension travel. Exclusive internal bypass technology allows oil to flow around the piston at some points of the stroke – while creating humongous pressure at other points – supporting the vehicle like no other product can. Floating through terrain is accomplished with FOX’s ride zone – combining a race-developed shock piston, internal bypass and Dual Speed Compression adjustment – allowing fine tuning for weight, terrain and speed. Dominate any terrain with the brute strength of 3- and 2.5-inch aluminum bodies, cactus cooler reservoirs and 7/8” shafts with redundant seals, all proven in the harshest of environments under the toughest of conditions.

  • Requires Upper Control Arm
  • Performance Tuned For Vehicle Specific Application
  • Durable Zinc Plated Seamless Alloy Body
  • External Reservoir System Dissipates Heat Fast
  • Black Anodized CNC Machined Aluminum Components 

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