It was a great week at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show. 

The PRI Show happens every year in December in Indianapolis. Manufacturers and resellers focused on performance and racing gathered there are often new to the topic of product data. This allowed us to have more education-based meetings. What we found was several common topics -- especially from resellers' wishlists that mirrored the direction of the industry.

Descriptions, descriptions, descriptions. The strength and quality of product descriptions came up in many conversations. Key ones for resellers were:

  • General Copy in the PIES Market Copy segment to educate their audience/customers about the brands they carry
  • Long or Extended product descriptions which gave enough information of differentiation in a list of search results
  • Features & Benefits came up often -- so often that there's a separate article we wrote up on them

Providing strong descriptions about your brand and your products should go without saying, but the fact that it came up so often at SEMA and at PRI this year should warrant a revisit to your descriptions to make sure they're, well, descriptive. A quick note regarding your General Copy, which is often talks about your brand: many companies use the "About Us" section of their website for this description but this section could be too long. Include a short business description, then concentrate on your products, your competitive advantage, and why it matters to your customers/consumers.

Reseller Training and Resources from SEMA Data. Resellers appreciate availability of data from SEMA Data in the many formats needed that accommodates businesses of all types and sizes. Many were eager to hear about the new WooCommerce Plugin that was released in December which jumpstarts their online efforts. Notable was the access to training sessions with Sophia Cardona, Customer Service Coordinator and Reseller Liaison, who stepped them through all the tools and education materials.

Resellers can contact Sophia at to learn more about the availability of training and access to data. Manufacturers can contact Joe Sepeda, Product Catalog Manager, at to discuss a review of product and marketing descriptions.

As always, we're here to help if you have questions or want to learn how you can optimize your product information. Contact us at


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