Data Staging is Now Live in the SDC PIM and Effective for All Manufacturers Monday, January 20!


See, add and edit your PIES product data BEFORE publishing it for your resellers.

With a soft launch in December, the Data Staging layer has been implemented in the SDC PIM system. This means you can import, add or edit product information within the SDC PIM without worrying that it's not yet complete. The Staging status of your product enables you to build your product information at your schedule without having to hang onto spreadsheets and not knowing which is the latest version. In the SDC PIM, it can always be the latest information you have.

Currently, data loaded into PIM will go through to published status, that is your data as always has been auto-published. However, because of the soft launch, you can go in and add, review or edit your parts in the Staging status and approve your changes to Publish your updates. 

Effective Monday, January 20, all imports will remain in Staging until you approve them to Published status. If you wish to remain on auto-approved, please let your Data Project Manager know and they can set up your account for Direct Connect, which will bypass the Staging status.

To set your account for Direct Connect, contact your Project Manager or Joe Sepeda, Product Catalog Manager, at to find out who your Project Manager is.