We're excited to announce the SDC PIM system will be getting some very exciting updates in the next few weeks. 

One of these will be the addition of a Staging status of your product data. This means that you'll have a chance to upload and work your data within the SDC PIM without affecting your SDC Scorecard until you're ready to publish your data to your receivers. In this stage, you'll have the chance to run your data against both a Standards validation check, as well as the SDC Scorecard check. 

And speaking of Scorecard, we have gotten a lot of feedback from your customers, the resellers downloading and utilizing your data for their websites and business systems. Based on this feedback and their desire for uniformly cataloged product information and more qualitative criteria for the Scorecard, we will be migrating the Scorecarding criteria in two phases. 

The first will be timed with the Staging status. This first phase will address uniformity of provided information. This may affect those of you without GTIN or some digital assets. Have no fear, our Data Team will be onhand ready to help you address any data gaps! The second phase will be rolled out in the new year, and more will be announced by SEMA Show. 

We think these two enhancements to the current PIM will bring added visibility, ease and use, and satisfaction for manufacturers and resellers alike. Stay tuned!