Every month we'll feature a few of our SDC Platinum level brands. This month we're highlighting NightRide, Rampage, TI Automotive and Whiteline! 

NightRide Thermal Imaging Camera 

NightRide is an advanced thermal camera designed for your vehicle. Unlike simple night vision driving camera systems, NightRide is a thermal camera that can detect infrared. This means that NightRide can see more than a typical night vision system: 

  • Detect and avoid animals in the roadway more than 1/4 of a mile away 
  • See people and objects that headlights and night vision systems miss 
  • Integrated Heads-up Display or Dash Mounted Screen 

RAMPAGE Aluminum TrailCrawler Bumper Part no. 99514 

Rampage Product’s front aluminum bumpers are made of aircraft grade aluminum for lightweight, lasting protection with a 3/16" inner steel frame for added durability. The styling features high clearance with a low profile design for optimal performance on the trail. The front Stubby has a 1.5" welded stinger, integrated winch plate and 4" receptacles for OE and aftermarket lights

  • Lightweight at only 60 lbs 
  • Powdered coated finish for lasting protection 
  • Can fit either factory or aftermarket lights 

TI Automotive Brushless In-Tank Fuel Pump Kit Part no. BKS1000 

TI Automotive's new brushless in-tank fuel pump kit can support up to 1000 horsepower applications. The kit includes an in-tank brushless screw pump and a stand-alone pump controller with simple power and ground connectivity designed to provide optimal output of the in-tank screw pump. Kit also includes inlet filter, wiring harness, instruction sheet, and wiring diagram. 

  • 550+ LPH @ 13.5V / 40 psi 
  • Up to 1000 HP 
  • High flow, high pressure 
  • Reduced noise 
  • Suitable for naturally aspirated and boosted applications 

Whiteline Sway Bar Kit for 2018-2019 Kia Stinger Part no. BKK001 

Engineered to "Activate More Grip," the Whiteline Kia Stinger Sway Bar Kit is a packaged solution designed to improve performance and enhance the driving experience of your vehicle. Boasting a front sway bar and a rear sway bar, the kit is completed with high quality sway bar links and mounting accessories that ensure optimum performance and ease of installation. Achieve perfect balance and precise tuning with this Whiteline Sway Bar Kit. 

  • 24mm 2 point adjustable front sway bar 
  • 18mm 2 point adjustable rear sway bar 
  • Includes 2 Sway Bars, 4 Bushings, 2 Lateral Locks, Install Guide, Grease 

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