It's an exciting time after all the work you've done with your internal and SEMA Data teams to get your product information gathered, organized, reviewed and, finally, published! CONGRATULATIONS! 

Now what?

What you need to keep in mind is that your information is dynamic. Even if your data is going live at Platinum level, it's not done. Providing current and relevant data to resellers through SEMA Data promotes your products and enhances your reputation in the market. But it requires regular attention.

What kind of images did you use? Are there better ones or more you could add? Are there enough attributes, and feature/benefit statements to make the consumer's buying decision an easy one? New vehicle data rolls out every month; does your fitment information reflect them?

The SEMA Data scorecard helps to step you up in creating rich product data by scoring on the following:

  • Product titles
  • Product descriptions
  • Product images and videos
  • Feature and benefit bullet points
  • Weight, size, and other product specifications (not just packaging information)
  • Attributes and specifications like speed, viscosity, diameters, material, etc.
  • And any specificifcations around fitment and attributes

In developing a plan to keep your data current and relevant, it's important to discover key information and timelines that help you build the foundation of your data strategy and plan. Some questions you and your team could answer are:

  1. How often do we launch new products?
  2. What frequency should we review current products' data and content for consistency?
  3. When do we update product images and other digital assets?
  4. How frequently do we make pricing updates?
  5. Are we getting this information to SEMA Data for review and distribution?

When you're ready, the SEMA Data team can coach and review your data with you for areas of improvement and to help you implement your plan.


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