This roller coaster year is coming to an end in a few short weeks but not without first breaking eCommerce sales last week and promising to continue through the rest of the holiday season. What can you be doing to end the year strong?

What Resellers Can Be Doing
As an SDC reseller member, you have access to over 500 brands of SEMA performance and accessory parts. Log in to check if you have the latest updates for the brands you carry. Also be sure to take advantage of any seasonal pricing specials your sources may be offering, whether you're buying through distributors or direct from manufacturers.

This is also a good time to follow up with those brands who you're awaiting data approval. Be sure to let them know your experience and expertise.

For a sneak peek at the new Reseller Portal with SDC, as well as getting more best practice tips, click on the video to watch the SDC presentation from SEMA360, Sell Smarter: Maximize Online Profits.

What Manufacturers Can Do to Amplify Your Brand
The SDC has the largest and most active network of resellers eager to feature the latest products in the stores, whether online or brick-n-mortar, and we have many tools for you to simplify outreach, finding more resellers, and brand recognition.

Three simple steps will help you amplify your brand: 1) Approve or reject your reseller requests; 2) Reach out to resellers who haven't downloaded your product data in a while; and 3) Source out resellers matched to the part types you make. 

Simply highlight the pending request and click on Approve or Reject. For those of you who may have put off the task of approval and denials, contact us and we can help you get a report to speed up the process. And having approved your reseller requests, reach out to those who have not pulled your data and open a line of communication. Lastly, pull the Reseller You Might Be Interested In and compare geographically with your approved resellers and reach out to where you want more product coverage.

The SDC also has marketing avenues for you to feature your parts or product lines, whether it's through our eNewsletter, SEMA News magazine, or through the SEMA eNewsletter. Reach out to your data Project Managers to take advantage of these opportunities to highlight your offering.

We look forward to helping you end the year strong, as well as start next year with a jumpstart!


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