Coming to you next month is the new reseller portal that we previewed during SEMA360. So what's in store? 

The original intent was to release the new reseller portal shortly after SEMA360, but realizing that it may disrupt your processes during the holiday buying season, delaying the release was the better option. 

New Dashboard
The reseller dashboard gives you quick links to pre-filtered brand lists to let you concentrate on the actions that matter to you. Want to request new brands? Download data to newly approved brands? See all your expiring data requests? Just click and take your next steps!


Global Settings Setup
One of the first things you'll be asked to do when you log in for the first time to the new reseller portal is to verify all your user and company information. Along with this, you can set up your GLOBAL export settings. This will be your default for all your brand data!

No more 10+ steps to get to a data file! No more copying settings of one default over to another. No more mixed matches of data types and formats. Set up once and you're good to go!

This will apply to the custom data templates you can set up as well!



One-Click for Brand Data
Along with the pre-filters on the Dashboard, the Brand Data page makes viewing, searching, requesting and getting data quick and easy. Preview products of approved brands. Get Data gives file options from your preset data files in Global Settings. Search for almost anything! Want to see all Gold brands? Want to see which makes the part types you specialize? Search for brand name, website, phone number, or email! 

Info at your fingertips!

And wait until you see what you can do with Custom Templates!


We're very excited for you to get onboard and get data. At 500+ brands, SEMA Data is THE place for you to get the data to power your business!


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