Crowds will be gathered at the New Products Showcase this year to see your latest products. Are you ready for them? 

Over the four days of the SEMA Show, thousands of buyers will begin their search for the latest products to sell at the New Products Showcase, which will have over 3,000 new and exciting products this year. SDC member brands will be identified on the product description cards to direct traffic to your booths, but it will also draw traffic to download your product data from the SDC database. 

Is data for your new products ready for them to sell in their stores and websites? 

To ensure these eager resellers can list your latest offering, submit your info to your SDC Data Team as soon as you can. 

While you're at it, make sure your product data with the SDC is as complete as possible. We can help you with a quick audit to see where you can boost your dataset for the thousands of resellers who access the SDC everyday. Check out the other news article letting you know who to contact for your product lines, or feel free to reach us at