In the last 45 days, 213 of the brands available in the SEMA Data program has updated their product information! How many of those are your approved brands? 

We understand that is a lot to keep up with. That's why we make that information readily available to you within SEMA Data Central (previously referred to as PIMS).

By logging into your account, you can now click on Brand Change Log on the left navigation to get three critical pieces of information for any of your approved brands who made a change to their dataset:

  • New part numbers added
  • Part numbers were discontinued or deleted
  • Part numbers had pricing changes and which price type(s) were changed

The change log is updated on a weekly basis -- following the schedule that our update emails go out to our Data Subscribers. This means that if you're not logging in weekly, you may be missing out on important updates!

To get this change log emailed to you weekly -- along with getting a host of other features and benefits enabled for you, all you need to do is become a Data Subscriber. The cost is only $25 for SEMA or PRI members and $75 for non-members.

Brand owners can also utilize the change log to check your updates and ensure the changes you made were recorded properly with SEMA Data -- and ultimately, available to your customers.


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(Click on image for larger view)


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